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Earth moving, grading and heavy haulage


Grader hire in Perth & wider WA

EXP Resources is proud to offer a large range of John Deere GPS graders for hire in Perth, WA. Options range from 670Ds to 6-wheel-drive 872GP graders, so you can get the machine you need for the scale of your project. We’ve also got a great team of skilled operators on staff, ready and able to help your project run smoothly. They’re some of the best operators in the industry, and each one has extensive training and experience to help them work safely and efficiently on your site.

Our close working relationship with Position Partners WA means we can deliver more when it comes to hiring a GPS grader. Position Partners are specialists in GPS technologies for the construction, mining and surveying industries. They lend extra precision and reliability to our GPS graders, and help ensure that all GPS components operate smoothly.

We offer ‘wet’ grader hire, so you get everything you need to make the most of your GPS grader, in one competitive quote. From equipment delivery to operation, EXP Resources has you covered. For more information or to discuss your project, call (08) 9399 9397 or 0439 397 199 to speak to an experienced consultant.